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La verdad puede ser más extraña que la ficción.

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Manna Minutes Christian Podcast

Manna Minutes Podcast: Eye-opening Bible study in less than five minutes! Access all episodes here.

Podcast cristiano Manna Minutes

El podcast Manna Minutes: ¡Estudio bíblico que nos hace abrir los ojos en menos de cinco minutos! Acceda a todos los episodios aquí.

Manna Minutes Christian Podcast

Manna Minutes Podcast Auf Deutsch: Augenöffnendes Bibelstudium in weniger als fünf Minuten! Alle Episoden finden Sie hier.

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Of God? Or Is It Evil?

Did you know the Word of God (the Christian Bible) speaks directly against what governments are doing with Covid-19 vaccine mandates? Get the facts here

¿Viene de Dios el mandato de vacuna contra el Covid-19? O ¿acaso es malo?

¿Sabía que la Palabra de Dios (la Biblia cristiana) condena de manera directa lo que los gobiernos están haciendo a través de los mandatos de vacuna contra el Covid-19? Obtenga los hechos aquí.


The Third Man by Angela Sheffield

Was There A Curse On Helen's Romantic Life?

The Third Man by Angela Sheffield is based on a true story. Read chapter one now!

Should A Christian Practice Yoga Or Pilates? The Shocking Truth

Perhaps you practice yoga for health reasons, or to reduce stress. But, do you really know the diabolical goal of any form or style of yoga, including pilates? Get your answers here

La verdad espeluznante sobre el yoga revelada por la Biblia cristiana

Quizás practiques yoga por motivos de salud o para reducir el estrés. Pero, ¿realmente conoces el objetivo diabólico de cualquier forma o estilo de yoga, incluido el pilates? Obten tus respuestas aquí.

Communicating With The Dead: Learn The Shocking Truth

The spirit you think is mom, dad, or some other loved one from beyond the grave is NOT your loved one. But, what about the "proof" that the living can indeed talk to the dead? Let God's Word open your eyes to a deception that is pure evil. Read Spirits Of The Deceased

Comunicarse con los muertos: La impactante verdad

El espíritu que parece ser tu madre, padre o algún otro ser querido tuyo desde el más allá NO es tu ser querido. Pero, ¿qué hay de "la prueba" de que los vivos pueden comunicarse con los muertos? Permite que la Palabra de Dios te abra los ojos para que veas el engaño que es de la maldad pura. Te invitamos a leer ¿Están los muertos entre los vivos?

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Capital Punishment Is Sanctioned By The Bible

Christians and believers in the Bible, the Word of God calls for the death penalty for first degree murder, rape, and other acts of violence. The Bible tells us to behold the goodness AND the severity of God whose Word--including in the New Testament--does NOT speak against capital punishment Read the scriptural proof now.

La Biblia sanciona la pena capital

Cristianos y creyentes en la Biblia, la Palabra de Dios pide la pena de muerte para el asesinato en primer grado, la violación y otros actos de violencia. La Biblia nos dice que contemplemos la bondad Y la severidad de Dios, cuya Palabra -incluso en el Nuevo Testamento- NO habla en contra de la pena capital. Lea ahora la prueba bíblica.

traducciones inglés español

Teofila Gottfried book

¿Qué tiene que ver conmigo? por Teófila Gottfried

Lo que leemos en la Biblia tiene que ver con todos los seres humanos, sean cristianos o judíos, ateos o agnósticos, budistas, musulmanes o adherentes a alguna de las filosofías o nuevas religiones que surgen en el mundo. ¿Por qué? Ver mayor información sobre este interesante libro.

Does God Tell You to Awaken Your Kundalini?


"Kundalini" is a word from the Sanskrit language that roughly translates to "coil." However, it is known as an energy that lies dormant within every person. The translation of "coil" makes sense when considering that this energy or force is known to the Eastern practitioners of yoga as the serpent goddess. A goddess is a spirit; and the spirits involved in the practice of arts such as yoga are said to be "energies" and "forces" when presented to Westerners. The people who encourage you to awaken your kundalini teach that this is the will of God, because it allows you to achieve oneness with the divine.

Awaken Your Kundalini: What Does the Christian Bible Say?

Before one scripture from the word of God is mentioned regarding a desire to awaken kundalini "energy," it should be asked, "Why believe the Bible?"

Dinosaurs are described in the Old Testament book of Job beginning at chapter 40 and verse 15, and again in chapter 41 at verse 1. The biblical passages of Genesis 22:17 and Jeremiah 33:22 tell man that the host (stars) of heaven cannot be counted. There is no technology that can tell scientists how many stars are in space. Ecclesiastes 1:6 describes the circulation of the wind as accurately as a meteorologist. Leviticus 17:11 teaches man that the blood is the life of the physical body. It is blood that carries nutrients and oxygen; and life cannot be maintained without it. This is perfect Biology. Genesis 1:11-12, 1:21, and 1:25 describes Biogenesis, which simply states that living things reproduce more living things that are like themselves. In the book of Job, chapter 30, verses 5 and 6, we have biblical insight to know that there once lived cavemen before any paintings of them were ever found. The biblical passages of Psalm 135:7, Jeremiah 10:13, Job 36:27-29, Ecclesiastes 1:7, and Isaiah 55:10 all speak of hydrology, perfectly describing atmospheric evaporation of water, precipitation, electrical discharges (lightning), and the circulation of water. These passages are so specific that they even tell us plainly that the rivers of the world empty into the seas, which is scientifically accurate. Isaiah 40:22 speaks of Earth being round, using the Hebrew word "chuwg," meaning circuit or compass, spherical or arched in shape.

Why would the word of God be infallible in non-spiritual matters, but fail to preach spiritual truths? Simply put, it does not make sense to doubt biblical truths. With that said, we ask: Does scripture of the Christian Bible tell you to awaken your kundalini?

Dormant Energy?

The scripture of 1 Thessalonians 5:23 records the apostle Paul when he said, "...I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." The coming of the Lord Jesus is one of a variety of ways in scripture of referring to the end of this earthly life in the present world. This is why Paul speaks of the spirit, soul, and body being found blameless--for the purpose of spending eternity with God.

We learn two very important spiritual truths in the light of which we can compare the teachings of those who tell you to awaken your kundalini. Firstly, scripture speaks of man being a three-part being, composed of body, soul, and spirit. Nothing is said of a an energy that lies dormant within him. Now, some will say that the soul is kundalini energy. If this is the case, why then does he not tell you to awaken your soul in preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus? He simply talked of the three parts of man being preserved blameless.

The God of the infallible scriptures of the Christian Bible does not tell you to awaken your kundalini. His word tells you to, "Awake to righteousness and sin not..." (1 Cor. 15:34). Furthermore, we read, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in RIGHTEOUSNESS" (2 Tim. 3:16). Biblical instruction in righteousness commands belief in obedience to Jesus who was God incarnate during his brief life on Earth. This teaching is totally unacceptable in the practice of yoga or any other art that helps you to awaken your kundalini.

There is not one scripture of the Holy Bible that tells you to awaken your kundalini. The teaching that every man has kundalini energy, or a force of a serpent goddess is not of God. In fact, scripture reveals that gods and goddesses, which are idols, are in reality, evil spirits; they are demons and devils (1 Cor. 10:19-20). Does the God of the Christian Bible tell you to awaken your kundalini? No, he does not, because to do so translates to making an invitation to the indwelling of demonic spirits. The Lord does not want us to have fellowship with evil spirits (1 Cor. 10:20).

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The Third Man by Angela Sheffield Based on true events, The Third Man by Angela Sheffield, brings the Bible up close and personal as the characters face real issues of life: Betrayal, deceit, romance, bitterness, anger against God, hopelessness, will power, perplexity, triumph, unforgiveness, mental illness, and the "Alcohol made me do it" excuse. Read chapter one FREE now.

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Genesis 32: 28 Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, (is-ra-el... Isis, The son ra and the god el. Israel is actually a egyptian word not Greek or Hebrew.) because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.” 29 Jacob said, “Please tell me your name.”But he replied, “Why do you ask my name?” Then he blessed him there.30 So Jacob called the place PENIEL (your pineal gland in your brain) , saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”31 The sun rose above him as he passed PENIEL (as the kundalini rose)

Matthew 6:22. The light of the body is the eye (third eye, pineal gland in the brain): if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light. (In other words open/activate it and you will fill with the Holy Spirit)

Luke 17:21. Neither shall they say, here! or, there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you (literally in you)

Matthew 4:16. The people which sat in darkness (meditated) saw great light:

Revelation 5:1. And I saw in the right hand (the right side of the brain) of him that sat on the throne (jesus) a book written within (the pineal gland) and on the backside (your spine), sealed with seven seals (the seven chakras).

Matthew 13:13 - This is why I speak to them in parables: "Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.
by: Shadow
Posted on 2013-06-27 03:16:46

To Shadow:

YOU WROTE: Israel, (is-ra-el... Isis, The son ra and the god el.

THE BIBLE SAYS: "...Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed" (Gen. 32:28). Conclusion: You can't just add another "is" to "Is" to force Isis into Israel. You can't force "ra" to mean "son" as in the sun god, because we already know the name of the Son of God. It is Jesus (Mat. 3:15-17).

YOU WROTE: So Jacob called the place PENIEL (your pineal gland in your brain). The sun rose above him as he passed PENIEL (as the kundalini rose) Matthew 6:22.

THE BIBLE SAYS: And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face.... Conclusion: Peniel/Penuel = The face of God. Nothing is said about the brain. Again, we don't just make up things and add them into scripture. Remember, God warned against adding or taking away from his word (Deut. 4:2).

YOU WROTE: The sun rose above him as he passed PENIEL (as the kundalini rose) Matthew 6:22.

THE BIBLE SAYS: Again, Peniel means, "The face of God." Nothing is said about kundalini--derived from sanskrit meaning "coiled like a snake".

1. The face of God is not a coiled snake nor related to one.
2. The letters "ra" appear in many words in many languages. It is ludicrous to associate them, every time they appear, with the idol Ra. A man named Raymond might be called the sun god following such a system.
3. Your words in parenthesis are just YOUR words. They are NOT God's word, which is the only word that counts, because it is the last word.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2013-06-30 14:13:30

Matthew 13:13 This is why I speak to them in parables: "Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.


Luke 11:52 - Woe to you experts in religious law! You have taken away the key to knowledge! You did not go in yourselves, and you hindered those who were going in."

Luke 17:21. Neither shall they say, here! or, there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Obviously you are fooled like everyone else who reads the bible. jesus taught that the kingdom was within. He never taught the religious dogma your preaching!! No one ever said that kundalini is mentioned in the bible however the seven seals on the backside are. But you want to read it literally. Just because the bible doesn't use the sandskirt word kundalini. Thats pure ignorance. Here i'll give you one it does use HOLY SPIRIT...COMFORTER!! Of course your westernized bible wont have the word kundalini but it does describe its attributes: and raising ones kundalini which everyone has, which brings them into union with god and Christ consceneness. BTW if you haven't raised your kundalini/holy spirit which obviously you haven't you shouldn't talk about what you don't know and keep your dogmas to your self. "The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you, Not in a mansion of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and 'I AM' there, Lift a stone and you will find Me." I have nothing else to say to you or your uneducated dogma responses.

by: Shad0w
Posted on 2013-06-30 15:45:37

Oh and btw jesus true name is YESHUA NOT JESUS!! Get over yourself.
by: Shad0w
Posted on 2013-06-30 15:47:44

To Shadow:

Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew. Yeshua is Jesús in Spanish. Yeshua is Jesus in English. Yeshua is Gesù in Italian, and something else in German, and something else in Russian, and something else in Chinese, etc. Yeshua, like any other name, sounds, and is spelled differently depending on the language. This is not a hard concept to grasp. People of all languages from around the world are calling on Jesus in THEIR language and experiencing the power of the name of the Son of God in THEIR languages. Get over things that have nothing to do with salvation.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2013-07-02 14:12:53

You say that the attributes of kundalini are mentioned in the Bible. According to the Bible, any spirit that denies that Jesus is the Son of God, and the only way to the Father, are the attributes of the spirit of ANTI-CHRIST, not of the Holy Spirit, who glorifies Jesus. The philosophy behind awakening kundalini DENIES that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, that He is the ONLY Christ of God, that He was born of a virgin, died on the cross for the sins of the world, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, is seated on the right hand of the Father, and will return to earth in glory to utterly destroy Satan's kingdom. These truths are DENIED by the philosophy behind kundalini. They are AFFIRMED by the Holy Spirit of God. It's not difficult to see that the philosophy behind awakening kundalini is in sharp disagreement with the teachings of the Holy Spirit.

And, if the "westernized" Bible has been changed so much, why is it perfectly accurate in ALL of its teachings on science and history? It is perfect in ALL of its prophecies, not just those that concern the birth of Jesus. Why would such an infallible book suddenly be wrong in its spiritual teachings? To think such a thing is not even making use of common sense.

And, if you don't like that we choose to believe the truth of God's word, why are you corresponding with us? You are free to believe or to reject whatever you want. We have the same freedom. It's called free will. And, we did not initiate contact with you to complain about your beliefs. YOU contacted US.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2013-07-02 14:39:40

"According to the Bible, any spirit that denies that Jesus is the Son of God..."

After my kundalini experience i was literallaly drawn into God, the catholic church and Jesus Christ by the Holy spirit. Easternes have another religion its not same here. For them its most probably ok to not believe in Christ (in this lifetime).
by: mrtin
Posted on 2014-01-23 00:54:34

To mrtin:

The question is: Into WHICH god were you drawn? If you deny that Jesus is the Son of God, it was not into the true and living God of Israel that you were drawn. And, we are not Catholic. We believe the description that the Bible gives of who God is. Again, denial of His Son is denial of Him. It's not a hard concept. The Bible warns, "If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema (accursed)" 2 Corinthians 16:22. Based on that, and many other scriptures, it "probably" is NOT okay to refuse to believe on Christ.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2014-01-25 18:38:26

Heavenly Manna:
I now belivie in one God, father the almighty - allknowing, Jesus and Holy ghost. I think they live in every human being and longing for awakening.

"Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?" Cor. 3:16

There can be only one Creator and he is in alot of religions. Also some kind of avatar and the Guru(holy ghost).

My kundalini was first pulled up in about a year ago. You say there is a man made philosophy behind kundalini. I think it's a work by the Creator like everything else.

hindu thinking:

In the Fear of God, is the Love of God. Only those few who understand His Love obtain the sublime essence of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny.

When it pleases the Lord, the mortal meets the True Guru, and chants the Name of the One Lord.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
You are engrossed with unsatisfied sexual desire and unresolved anger; you do not know the State of the One Lord.
In your egotistical pride, you have forgotten the Lord.


We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls.

-Mother Teresa

by: mrtin
Posted on 2014-01-25 22:33:32

To mrtin

The Corinthian scripture you quote is directed to believers, NOT to everyone. The Spirit of God does NOT live in everyone. That is a false statement according to the Word of God. Have you not read scriptures such as St. John 8:44 in which the Lord Himself said to a group of people who did not believe on him, "You are of your father the devil...." God and Satan do not dwell together. So, you cannot say that those people whose father was the devil also had the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God does NOT reject Christ.

You state that God is in a lot of religions. But, Christ said, "No man cometh unto the Father, but by ME" (St. John 14:6). How can the religions that deny Christ also be of the Spirit of Christ? That does not make sense.

Also, remember that Jesus warned that false Christs would arise (Mathew 24:24). So, the fact that someone believes in a Christ does NOT mean that he or she believes in the true Son of God. Many believe in false Christs. The true Jesus is the Son of God, and God.

Also, we clearly stated that we are NOT Catholic. We are NOT interested in the writings of Mother Theresa, which have nothing to do with the topic of this article: Kundalini. What we believe or do not believe is based solely on biblical scripture.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2014-01-27 18:04:27

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